Monday, October 18, 2010

Nine Pin

kenapa bukan Ten pin?

Nine-pin bowling (also known as ninepin bowling, nine-pins, 9-pins, etc.) is a bowling game played primarily in Europe. European championships are held each year. Over 90,000 members are on teams in Germany, often playing in officially registered Bundeskegelbahn (federal bowling alleys) to be found in almost every sizable town. In Europe overall, there are some 130,000 players. Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Liechtenstein, and the United_States are other countries in which nine-pin bowling lanes are often found.


Pin points are added up for each throw. Professional players get up to 900 points (which means an average of 7.5 points per throw) and more (120 throws, "Schere"). Usually, the number of points awarded equals the number of pins thrown down.
In intra-club play and leisure play, many different games can be played, such as aiming for a specific sum without overshooting, throwing at specific combinations of less than nine pins, aiming to achieve results from "one" to "nine" in a row with the least number of throws, etc.
The Rule that twelve Points are awarded if, when throwing on all nine pins, the specially marked central pin ("kingpin") remains standing while all others are thrown down, is only employed in leisure play and not in competitions.

My Latest Score for 9 pin 011010
 (Venue : A-Bess Bowl, South City)

1st game  : 163
2nd game : 194
3rd game : 183
4th game : 210
5th game : 300  

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