Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a good outfit to wear during bowling?

Dressing for bowling is easy, so simple as that.
The only specialized attire required are shoes 
(most bowling centers won't let you bowl without them). 
The two most common shoe brands are Linds and Dexter

 white Linds

 Blacky Dexter

Also, the only specialized attire required are a pair of socks
(wear it or leave it bowling alley)..important to remember

You probably have everything else already hanging in the closet. 
Comfortable fitting jeans, chinos, shorts and short sleeve cotton shirts are best. 
Overly tight or baggy clothes can restrict movement. 
Some tournaments and clubs actually have dress codes prohibiting t-shirts, shorts or jeans. 
So if your goal is to take your bowling to a higher level, 
it wouldn't hurt to get used to wearing polo shirts and chinos while bowling. 
If you're into the retro thing, check out the links at left for cool vintage bowling shirts. 


 Polo Shirt

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