Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What is that?
Before this we always heard about YES,
Year End Sale, but for me,
entire my life, no Year End Sale,
i love shopping everyday,
not just only SALE..

YET is Year End Tournament..
my final tournament 2010 will be held :

Date     :   30th December 2010 (Friday Night)
Time    :   8.00 pm

Wish all the players good luck and high score..
see u around guys..

Brand new balls..
(RM 150 - RM 200)


✿ y.a.n.i.e budak G.E.B.U ✿ said...

dik..nanti sms kat akak k...akak cuba luangkan masa pi tgk kamoo main bowling...


Kasih said...

will do text u, tq so much sis.. =)

Roket Kertaz said...

gud luck ..

Kasih said...

TQ Roket Kertaz =)

Roket Kertaz said...

momantai.. huhuh.. sudie2 laa datang laman sy..

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